Honey and Glaze

August 28, 2019 2:11 pm

About Honey & Glaze

Here at Honey & Glaze we believe delicious baked goods start from scratch. Today the term "'Homemade"' takes us back to a nostalgic place where Grandma's cookies, bread and cake takes us home. This is where Homemade becomes a beautiful description of a place in time that we felt loved. I have spent years baking. when you order from us it is created with years of research, passion love and care.
Delicious and fresh is our goal in order to provide you with the best quality to meet it's worth.
We started off as a home-based business back in March 2018, and now a year later, we are ecstatic to be moving out to have our very own cakery at a new and upcoming co-working space known as "'The Office".
We go from a range of customized cakes, cupcakes, cookies and many more fun bakes. 
Cake to me screams celebration, we are here to cater to any event including Wedding, Birthdays, parties, and everything more!
Starting price range
 LKR 450/-
Price range
LKR450/- - LKR2500/- - LKR8000/- - LKR18,000/-
Wedding categories 
Types of cakes and desserts -
Buttercream frosted cake
Whipped cream frosted cake
Ganache frosted cake
Naked wedding cake
cheesecake (individual bites & whole)
Wedding favours
Cake Accessories include:
Customized cake topper
Customized Base/Drum
Natural fresh flowers
Cake box
Cake delivery:
Delivery of the cake and the setup of the cake will be done from our end, which will be included to the final costing. 

Contact Details 

Address: No.29 Deanston place, Duplication road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
No. 3 Cambridge Terrace, Colombo, Sri Lanka



Ruqaiyah Shabeen

I feel the same way about clothes and lipsticks, as others do about food!