December 18, 2017 1:43 pm

About Gihan De Silva Photography

The most special day of your life deserves more from its photographs than the drab acknowledgment that you and your spouse were merely there. It deserves from them a celebration of the culmination of your love for each other through every shot and a crystallization of the joy and promise of that moment that will remain timeless.

This is the promise of Gihan De Silva Photography - that yours will not be just another formulaic album to prove that you had a wedding but rather that every once in a while when you open your wedding album, the memories of that day will come poignantly flooding back. To this end, Gihan – exemplifying his commitment to the utilization of new technology – has been at the vanguard of the use of both the 4D camera which lends dramatic-effect to the backgrounds of pictures and a wedding album with a front page featuring a video screen to complement the still photos inside.

Of course, as with all of Gihan’s work, you can expect that his wedding photography too has been enriched by the cosmopolitanism of his photographic odyssey, and indeed true to form, Gihan has shot weddings in locations as diverse from each other as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Texas, Florida, Sydney, Sri-Lanka & India.


Photo + Video Styles

Artistic, Photojournalistic, Documentary

Photo Shoot Types

Weddings only

Starting Price Range (for 2018)  

Rs. 200,000/- to Rs. 1.2 Million



Contact Information 


 362/A Kandy Road, Dalugama (077 020 2200)

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heartheartheartheartheart - Reviewed on 17.10.2017 by Sharon Christina Perera  

Our wedding was covered most professionally by Mr. Gihan De Silva and his team. The photographic element of my wedding was minimum stress cause the the team acted so efficiently. Loved the proof pictures because they were natural and candid shots. We are sure we will cherish the final products days to come. It’s no wonder Mr. Gihan is a top wedding photographer in the world. Highly Highly recommend!


heartheartheartheartheart - Reviewed on 06.05.2017 by Andrea Perera    

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so organized and calm on such a stressful day you really put us at.... so many of our guests including our parents said how professional you were and it was a pleasure working with you...we cannot wait to see the finished product....once again, many thanks to you and the team.

Andrea & Malith



heartheartheartheartheart - Reviewed on 10.06.2017 by Roshane De Silva    

Gihan and the team is so chilled you don't even feel the stress of being on pictures at all


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